Dealing with Cash

If you are a team captain, there is a good chance that you will be dealing with cash donations at some point during the relay. Either because your tean members collected in cash or someone is donating directly to you with cash. The number one thing to remember is to keep your Donation Envelope handy. This will be part of your relay kit that you get from your team development volunteer. If you haven't gotten one plase send an email ro This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact your team development committee member. 

The envelope is really the whole keep to this, it keeps track of all the necessary information that you need to collect and it wraps all the cash in one place. We also offer cash pouchs if you thing you might need an added layer of protection from wear and tear. 

Cash donations are usually collected at several times before Relay. Look on the calendar for a Bank Night. They are usually held at the same place your committee / captains meetings are at. 

The great thing about cash donations is they are tracked all the way through till relay. Use it as a tool to make sure you're teams fundraising goals are on track. 

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Activity Hosting

Relay 2012 is going to be jam packed with activities and great teams that are going to be bursting at the seams with creative ideas and events. The committee has decided that this year, we are going to put the focus on activities. We wil be trying to centralize them and streamline a little bit. What that really means is that we're going to make it easier for the teams to host and participate in these activites this year. One of the ways that we are going to do this is by having one person in charge of these things. That person is Chris Gonzalez. 

We will be putting together a list of activities that everyone can participate in and that we can have teams host. If you're team already has an activity that they are planning, please share with us and let us know if we can help in anyway. I am hoping that we can find some teams which would be wiling to host an activity. I will outline what that means below.

How do I host an activity?

Hosting an activity is very easy. If you already know what the activity is and have planned it before then it's even better. If you don't have something already put together, then we have a list of activities that you could host with your team. The idea being that other teams will get involved but as the host of the event, you will be in charge of making sure the activity goes as planned. 



I recently had a meeting with a local business owner who wanted to learn about becoming a sponsor. I got my hands on a sponsorship package and then got oonline to do some research. I thought that I was pretty well prepared but what a surpirse. Its important to ask for help in these types of situations, so i spoke eith our staff partner. I gor some pointers there and off I went. 

One of the hardest part of trying to win over a sponser is conveying the message of what is Relay to someone. It's hard to put so any good things into a small paragraph or 5 minute speech. I found the following in some Relay for life documents on the web. It is available via our literature section. 

Sponsorship Donation Ask

Would you be willing to join in the fight against cancer by becoming a sponsor for the Relay For Life of (event name)? This 24-hour celebration is a team event to fight cancer. Our Relay For Life will take place on (event dates) at (event locations). A highlight of the event is the Luminaria Ceremony on Saturday evening, a time to remember and honor loved ones that have faced cancer. Glow sticks or candles are placed in bags around the perimeter of the track, in honor or memory of cancer patients.


We invite you and your business to become a partner in making this a successful event. In exchange for your contribution you will receive a variety of benefits including recognition on our event T-shirt. Moreover, as a sponsor for the Relay, you will create an awareness of your commitment to our community and to the fight against cancer. Cancer touches everyone in some way. More than 75 percent of the American Cancer Society dollars are dedicated to research, support for cancer patients and their families, and public education.



A lot of it will fall into place once you start talkimg about it. So make sure you maintain a good pace and be as sincere as possible. Thanks for reading.



Luminaria how to...

Luminaria are probably the most notable item of all when it comes to Relay. So much focus is put them as a tool for both celebration and fundraising. This is for good reason too... the luminaria ceremony is a key event in all Relay's. I can remember that when they first spoke to me about the luminarias, my first thoughts were "I'm going to draw as many as I can!." That year I did the majority of my fundraising through luminaria and I did end up drawing up a storm the day of relay. It was a great experience. 

In later relays I feel like luminarias weren't playing as big of a role as they could, at least in southeast cities. Here are a couple of quick and easy ways you can use luminarias to spike up your fundraising meter.



Importance of Participation

Dan Pinks was a journalist and an author of many books, and he said that people who volunteer their time to create something innovative are actually improving our world. What we are doing is innovating and inspirational, but we do not get any credit because we do not want to get recognized for our work. However, we could uplift another volunteer spirits by admiring their efforts and volunteerism towards this great cause.Acknowledging someone else volunteer work well definitely motivate people to progress and move forward to find “The Cure” for cancer.

If we attempt to participate in events held on the day of “Relay For Life”, we could certify other participants to create activities for the public to enjoy. The more we enjoy a certain thing, the more we want to do it because we get satisfaction out of doing it. Satisfaction is very sacred to us, but we need to achieve satisfaction by putting our efforts towards other peoples activities to encourage motivation for teams . An a way we are creating an incentive for activity creation, who wouldn't want to get a sense of satisfaction? Hell, satisfaction is so important that the Rolling Stones wrote a song describing the lack of satisfaction. We have the drive to improve the atmosphere in “Relay for Life”, create a carnival like feeling for people to enjoy.  

From the three years in “Relay For Life”, I have noticed that teams that do not engage in activities seem to dim out of the event and forget to walk around the track. To me participation and involvement in the day of the event is extremely crucial to get teams and their members to stand up and mingle amongst their mates. By participating we create a sense of confidence, we are availed to engage in small talk and explain to each other reasons for volunteering for American Cancer Society (ACS). Confidence leads way for communication, which allows the committee to relay information much faster to teams.

By Pinks logic, if we get more people to get innovative and apply those innovations to increase motivation, we are improving our world in a community effort.  

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