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Southeastcities.org is a project that I started in order to help bring the Southeast Cities relay together. I have been a part of relay for 2 years now. My first year was spent strictly as a team member participating in the event and not necessarly having much to do with helping the team. That is when I saw the opportunity that I had to help our team become more together and make a bigger impact on fund raising. That in mind, my following year was spent helping our team have the best time ever at relay. A little organization and cooperation and our team shot to the top of fundraising rankings for that year (2011). It was a great experience for our team and a big eye opener as to how big of an impact team effort can make.

All that being behind us now and looking into the future, it's my belief that we can apply that same strategy to the South east cities relay. If we can have all our teams collaborate and work together, we can make this relay the best we've had yet. The most important part of this is participation. We need help at all levels and we will never turn someone down who is willing to contribute. Please help us make our Relay the best relay in town!


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